The ASW Process has been eliminated by legislative action (Session Law 2017-57. Section 7.23E.(a)) beginning with the 2017-18 school year.

The ASW Wikispace (including all materials and information contained within) exists for professional learning and public record-keeping purposes.

Requests for Local Flexibility on the Analysis of Student Work Process

2017-2018 Request for Flexibility Information

If an LEA intends develop a local ASW option that is substantially different from those that have received State Board of Education (SBE) approval, the deadline to submit the Local Option Application for SBE approval is May 19, 2017, for discussion at the June 2017 meeting (with possible approval in July 2017) or June 16, 2017, for discussion at the July 2017 meeting (with possible approval in August 2017). Applications must be received by NCDPI by close of business (5 PM) on the deadline date.
Submission DeadlineAA
May 19, 2017
June SBE MeetingAA
July SBE Meeting
June 16, 2017
July SBE Meeting
August SBE Meeting

If an LEA intends to adopt a version of a local ASW process that has received prior approval from the SBE, the LEA must submit the Expedited Request for Flexibility by close of business (5 PM) on July 14, 2017.

A list of plans that have been approved by the State Board of Education is available here.

17-18 Local Option Application

17-18 Expedited Request for Flexibility

2016-2017 Flexibility Request Information

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the Department is providing local flexibility to districts who wish to develop their own student growth process in lieu of participation in the state ASW process. Applications for local flexibility must be approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education.

A list of plans that have been approved by the State Board of Education is available here.

The Department of Public Instruction requests that each district or charter school making an application to the North Carolina State Board of Education for local flexibility meet the assurances listed in the Local Option Application (copy available below) when developing a local Student Growth measure. The State Board of Education requires two months (discussion and action) to approve/deny local flexibility requests. Districts and charters must adhere to the following deadlines in order to have their flexibility requests considered by the State Board of Education:

Submission DeadlineAAAAA
April 20, 2016
May SBE MeetingAAAAA
June SBE Meeting
May 18, 2016
June SBE Meeting
July SBE Meeting

All flexibility requests for the 2016-17 school year must be submitted by 5:00 pm on the deadline dates above. No 2016-17 flexibility requests will be considered after the May 18 deadline.

Per SBE guidance, Districts may choose to adopt a plan developed by a different LEA that has already been approved by the State Board of Education. This request can be made using the Expedited ASW Local Option Application located on this page. The final deadline to submit an expedited ASW Local Option Application is 5:00 p.m. on July 15, 2016.

4.1.16 ASW 15-16 Year End Closeout Memo

4.1.16 ASW Local Option Application

Expedited ASW Local Option Application


2015-2016 Flexibility Request Information

The budget signed into law by the governor included a provision related to State Board of Education waivers. The existing waiver policy (which stated that any NCFE/ASW waiver stays in effect until rescinded) remains in place until NCDPI receives clarification on the new budget provision. NCDPI is not accepting any new waivers at this time. Updated information on waivers will be released to the field as soon as more information becomes available.


Standard 6 Flexibility information for 2014-2015

On September 3rd, 2014, the NC State Board of Education confirmed that the ASW Process is subject to the local flexibility waiver policy that applies to North Carolina Final Exams and middle-school CTE Exams. Districts may complete and submit waivers to the Department of Public Instruction requesting the use of school-wide data to determine Standard 6 ratings in place of the ASW Process. The district understands that these teachers will receive an overall educator effectiveness status when they have three years of valid student-growth data and that school level growth assigned as a result of this waiver will constitute valid student-growth data. Furthermore, teachers will be subject to any consequence associated with a status of "in need of improvement".

Requests for flexibility must include the following components:

  • A Statement of educational purpose, including a rationale for making the waiver request. The statement of educational purpose must indicate how students and teachers in the district will be better served by the flexibility request.
  • An overview of the communication plan to teachers on the impact of the waiver request. The communication plan should include any process the district/charter used to gather feedback from teachers and how the district addressed any concerns that teachers raised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has received a copy of the waiver in my district?

District HR Directors were provided a copy of the waiver on Friday, September 4th, 2014.

Is the district required to opt out all of the teachers who qualify for ASW?

No. Districts may choose to opt out teachers by content area, grade level, or other specified criteria.

Who approves the waiver in the district or charter school?

At the district level, the request for flexibility must be signed by the Superintendent or Charter Lead Administrator, Local Board of Election or Charter Board Chair, and a Teacher Representative.

What is the state-level waiver request approval process?

The NC State Board of Education will review districts' waiver requests during its monthly meetings.

When is the deadline to submit a waiver request?

The Final Deadline to submit a waiver for the 2014-2015 school year has passed.