The ASW Process has been eliminated by legislative action (Session Law 2017-57. Section 7.23E.(a)) beginning with the 2017-18 school year.

The ASW Wikispace (including all materials and information contained within) exists for professional learning and public record-keeping purposes.


2016-2017 ASW Reviewer Application

The Analysis of Student Work (ASW) Resources Packets are designed for reviewers. Each packet contains 7 documents with additional resources available for Arts Education, Healthful Living, and World Languages. The packets for each content area have been compiled as PDFs and are posted alongside any additional resource.

Also, the various documents have been posted as individual components so that each document can be downloaded for use during the ASW review. Documents that have the potential to be written on are posted in both Word and PDF formats.

Please download, link, and utilize these materials as needed based on your style of reviewing.

ASW Reviewer Resources Packets

Additional Resource
(not included in PDF compiled packets for each content area)

Advanced Placement (AP)

None for this year's ASW Review

Arts Education (AE)

Arts Education: Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Definitions

Healthful Living (HL)

Healthful Living: Verb Definitions

International Baccalaureate (IB)

None for this year's ASW Review

World Languages (WL)

World Languages: Strands & Standards Reference Guide

Packet Components

Numbered items are included in PDF compiled packets above.

1) Reviewer Confidentiality Agreement

2) Reviewer Tip Sheet

3) Evidence Collection Checklist

Word version

PDF version

4) Guidance Charts

AP: Advanced Placement

AE: Arts Education

HL: Healthful Living

IB: International Baccalaureate

WL: World Languages

5) Timelapse Artifact Quality Rubric

Word version

PDF version

Additional Resource

AE: RBT Definitions

HL: Verb Definitions

WL: Strands & Standards Reference Guide

6) Reviewer Feedback Comments

Evidence Collection Level

Timelapse Artifact Level

Evidence Collection Level

Timelapse Artifact Level

7) Evidence Collection Rating Form

Word version

PDF version